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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taekwondo Uniform!

I got my Taekwondo uniform!!!! I sowed the patches on myself =) Here's a picture of me in my uniform:

OK, I know I look really stupid in the picture, but That is the top half of my uniform =D . Now I can test for my Yellow(?) belt!! Hopefully I will pass it. I now can beat people up if I need to (like Bryce, robbers, kidnappers). I am totally prepared for danger, lol. I'm excited to wear the uniform for my first time Thursday! I'll post soon!


Miriam said...

You make me laugh. I hope there will never be danger in you life.

rachel said...

AMBER! Morgan and I just discovered that you have a blog! We had no idea. How awesome. We'll be reading...
Hope you're doing well and Have a Merry Christmas!