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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strep Throat =(

I have Strep Throat =( . Saturday I got home from my friend Shay's house at 11:00. I was dizzy my throat was a little soar. I had a head ache and and I was soar all over. We were guessing that I sadly had the swine flu. I missed church Sunday, which was the worst Sunday to miss church! One of my best friends had just turned 12 and was going into Beehives! (We have a surprise for the new coming Beehives. We put ribbons into their hair, each ribbon different colors and each symbolizing the Young Woman's values.) Sunday night I could NOT sleep because my throat was so soar! Monday my mom insisted on taking me to Urgent Care (I didn't want to). We sat in the exam room forever! Then finally the doctor came in and asked us some questions took a look at my throat and went away. Another doctor came in and took a quick swab step throat test. It came back as posistive. Thankfully, I got some "drugs".