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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yo, What's up guys?!!!! I can't wait till Christmas! So yesterday (Tuesday) I had a whole bunch of tests =( It was OK I guess.... I really dislike tests, quizzes and pop quizzes. I have some very, very, very, very sad news......the Eckstines are moving ='( . Who are the Eckstines you may ask? They are an AWESOME family from my school ACE. They were one of my first friends. Any now they are moving......This Saturday I am having a Belt test!!!! It is at 10am in Drain, Oregon. I'm very nervice and I hope it will be alright. I'll blog after I test, and wish me luck! I hope some of my taekwondo buddies will be there, I am the only person in ACE that is testing =( SCARY!!!!


rachel said...

Good luck with your testing Amber. You'll do great!