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Friday, April 30, 2010

Poisin Oak

Still, I haven't gotten around to posting often enough. I have poison oak =( It's really bad on my arm, it's now a huge blister scab. It used to be a million blisters, then it turned into one huge blister and now like I said a huge blister scab. I also have some on my face, my legs, my neck, and the side of my stomach. My birthday was pretty cool. I am now a teenager.

Mom: Now that you're a teenager doesn't mean you can be moody.
Me: I know..And when I do I don't mean to -roles eyes- I love you still.

Ah, Mom... Sorry if I cause trouble with my attitude, I don't mean to be a nuisance. My cousins, Caprice and Max and Max's wife Stefanie , came to visit us from Oregon about a week ago. It was really fun! I went to the coast with them for a whole day! I also finally got a Facebook!!! I spend most of my time on the computer on there now. It's fun...


Miriam said...

Oak, Oak go away, don't come back another day. Sure ready for that poison stuff to be gone forever.

No moodiness, payback is never fair!

Yes, it was so wonderful to have family come visit. Wish we had more of it.

Stefanie Horsley said...

We had so much fun visiting you!! And I glad you got to come to the coast with us! Hope your poison oak is getting better!