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Friday, December 25, 2009


Hey! I love Christmas! I got a new MP3 player! I'm so excited, it has 8GB! I also got a cute, plaid zipp-up hoodie, an oragami book, and more. Leave a comment and tell me what you got!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


So, I tested today in Taekwondo. I was really nervous. It was in front of about 70 people. But.... I got promoted!!!!! I am now an orange belt =) !!!!!!!! My instructor was telling my that when I sit down (we were sitting on the floor) that its disrespectful to show the bottoms of my feet to the judges. But, when you sit criss cross apple sauce for a LONG time your legs get numb. My instructor (Mrs. Baker) was telling me a story about a girl that was sitting criss cross apple sauce and became numb. When her name was called up she stood up and sprained her ankle, but didn't notice it until half way through her form....Ouch! Also this one guy did the same thing, but he broke his leg. I can't wait till I'm a black belt!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yo, What's up guys?!!!! I can't wait till Christmas! So yesterday (Tuesday) I had a whole bunch of tests =( It was OK I guess.... I really dislike tests, quizzes and pop quizzes. I have some very, very, very, very sad news......the Eckstines are moving ='( . Who are the Eckstines you may ask? They are an AWESOME family from my school ACE. They were one of my first friends. Any now they are moving......This Saturday I am having a Belt test!!!! It is at 10am in Drain, Oregon. I'm very nervice and I hope it will be alright. I'll blog after I test, and wish me luck! I hope some of my taekwondo buddies will be there, I am the only person in ACE that is testing =( SCARY!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taekwondo Uniform!

I got my Taekwondo uniform!!!! I sowed the patches on myself =) Here's a picture of me in my uniform:

OK, I know I look really stupid in the picture, but That is the top half of my uniform =D . Now I can test for my Yellow(?) belt!! Hopefully I will pass it. I now can beat people up if I need to (like Bryce, robbers, kidnappers). I am totally prepared for danger, lol. I'm excited to wear the uniform for my first time Thursday! I'll post soon!