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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's Been Going On

Well, I haven't posted in forever! A little while ago, I went ice-skating with the youth in my ward. It was my first time ice-skating! I was so scared, because of the story of James falling and cutting his head open on the ice. Also, the story of the Olympic ice-skater slicing his leg open! -shiver- Though I didn't get out with-out an injury! When I was skating with this guy, Joe, I tripper (for the thousandth time!) and he came down with me and skated over my finger...OUCH! But I felt bad for Joe cause he was feeling bad.....Besides that I haven't really done any thing spectacular... Though I was emailing my friend that goes to my church, and almost everyone that goes to my school goes to a church so I asked her what church she went to......She replied and said she was....... MORMON!!! How great is that?! It was awesome to find out! I'll try to do another post soon!