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Friday, January 15, 2010

Taekwondo and French Club

Thursday, again, I had Taekwondo. I LOVE Taekwondo. It's a good work-out, its fun, my instructor is awesome, it teaches me discipline, etc... Also, I did 23 push-ups in a minute! French club is right after Taekwondo, in the same room. So the people who come in get to smell sweaty me and the stinky room...yummm....My French name (and I requested this) is Rochelle. Which is my middle name and it is my AWESOME Aunt's name. I am sooooo excited to go to Portland to see my cousin, Henry, get baptised!!! Wait...can he be that old yet?! That's not possible! Time goes by very fast..... Too fast in fact. Well, I'll try to keep up.


Rachelle said...

We were excited to have you at the baptism. It seems like your was just a short time ago! And I am not the awesome one...YOU are! Love you Amber Rachelle Giles